Integrated Nirvana.
Transparent Pricing.

A complete, integrated, solution for
managing all your retail requirements.

The Unity3 Range

Use as individual products or one INCREDIBLE integrated solution.
Best part is, we’ve created these products for everyone.

Gift Vouchers

Create, Sell, Redeem electronic and physical gift vouchers via your website. According to market research, 30% are never redeemed!


Fully featured EPOS system – Perfect for restaurants, bars, pop-up shops, cafes, retail units.

Unity3 Gift Vouchers

Developed with copious amounts of Mepsi Pax (yeah, we can’t use the real product name – trademarks and all that jazz, but we’ll leave that to your imagination) and extremely late nights, we’ve created a gift voucher product which will meet your every requirement*.

The best part, we’re always adding new functionality at no additional cost (we’re nice like that). It integrates very neatly into Unity3 EPOS and deals with all your UK VAT requirements and provides full accounting breakdown (yup, your accountants will love it too). Oh and we’ll even manage the fulfillment of them if you want too.

**DISCLAIMER: If you’re looking for laser shooting robots, we can’t promise this product will meet this requirement.

Unity3 EPOS

Based on OpenSource technology, which means we can’t charge license fees for it! That’s right we aren’t allowed to take a single penny from you for the software. The only costs associated with EPOS is the Hardware and Configuration, with optional ongoing support.

Oh yeah… forgot to mention, the first year’s remote support is included with all our till systems. We also have a built in Customer Loyalty programme so that you can REALLY to get to know your customers. It’s a great tool for the post GDPR world.